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Performance Work

(2019-2020) | sarah gonzalez

As a graphic design student there is still so much experimenting happeing with by work however; Doodles, minimalism and color is how i would best describe my style. Whether it is a painting, a photography or graphic these chracteristics are a big role in what I create.

This a piece I had done for my graphic design class that required us to do a mock instagram. This was the welcome image first posted for it. I wanted it to be fun and colotful. (WelComE,2019,procreate)

This project was also made for the mock instagram. I wanted to create something using my username. I decided to have to doodling be the concept for it. (SaRaTchI ,2019,procreate )

A project made for my 2D course using collage. I wanted to send a message of how sometimes women want to break free from the pressures of being feminine. I gathered up some photos and even took some to include. ( GeT ME OuT, 2019,photoshop)

This is from a collection of quotes that i did for a graphic design course. I wanted this one to be 3D and fluffy to give the illustion of being able to touch. (NEveR ThAT, 2020,adobe illustrator)

Another from this collection. I created this design with the intent of being a neon sign. I wrote the quote and drew the image and added a dust light effect in the background. (SpEaK,2020,procreate)

For this design i really wanted to create groovy type of vibe. I liquified some colors for the background for that groovy effect. I also distores the text and edited and image of a flower to go with the vibe. ( DnT Be ScRd, 2020,procreate)

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